Jonathan Broxton 2003 South Georgia Waves Jersey

Jonathan Broxton is another Dodger that made his debut in 2005-06 as a member of the so-called “Jacksonville 5” – which was a group of premier top prospects who were sure to change the Dodgers fortunes for the next few season. Broxton came onto the scene, first as a reliever and helped to set up Takashi Saito. However, once Saito went down with injury, it was Broxton who became the team’s closer. At times overpowering, he still gave up some untimely hits – most notably in the 2008 and 2009 NLCS. Still, he was one of the more successful closers between 2008 and 2010, and was selected as an NL All-Star in 2009 and 2010.

This is a unique jersey, as there aren’t many certified minor league uniforms floating around for Broxton. More so, this team doesn’t even exist anymore as it lasted only two seasons before being re-branded as the Single A Columbus Catfish. Made of black mesh, Broxton signed the “4” in his #49 on the back of the jersey in silver paint pen. Comes with a Letter of Authenticity from the team. $125.

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The Russell Martin Collection: The Early Years

Back in 2006, the Dodgers had several key young players emerge as impact players – these included James Loney, Matt Kemp, Chad Billingsley, Andre Ethier, and a Canadian catcher – Russell Martin.

All of those guys I really enjoyed rooting for, and 2006 marked a new era for the Dodgers. It also helped that Fox Sports/Prime Ticket begun running 30 minute mini-biopics of some of the players. Russell Martin’s was especially poignant, which shared details of his relationship with his father. Both myself and my girlfriend at the time (now my wife) grew fond of Russ and he became one of our favorites (along with Andre Ethier).

Alas, the Dodgers and Russ parted ways in 2011 where he returned to the playoffs with the Yankees and again in 2013 with the Pirates.

Reviewing my collection, it’s time for me to part ways with these Martin items and hope they find their way to a good home. Please contact me if you are interested – you can email me at elysianparkallstars (at) gmail (dot) com. I’m sure we can work out a fair deal. 

Russell Martin’s Game Worn/Used jersey from the 2006 AAA Las Vegas 51s. Comes with a COA from the team. This was his last minor league stop before making it to the Dodgers. (I find it interesting he wore #10 then #55 for the Dodgers – you know, since 5+5 = 10). $450.




Speaking of his major league debut, this is the dugout lineup card from May 5th, 2006 – his first game with the Dodgers. Filled out by the Dodger Coaching staff, led by Grady Little.  Authenticated by MLB. $240.



Russell Martin Game Worn/Used 2008 Dodgers Home Jersey. Shows a great deal of wear and includes the 50th Anniversary commemorative patch, as well as the “Property of Los Angeles Dodgers 2008” tag. $300.


LA Times Newsstand Advertisement/Placard featuring Russell Martin and Torii Hunter. From 2009, these ads helped to promote the Dodgers and Angels in their respective playoff push. Some minor creases, but displays very well. $10.



New Priorities means a more Focused Collection

Over the last few months, I’ve certainly basked in the joy of being a new Dad. Each day brings something new – it’s an amazing adventure. I love it. However, being a parent of a 15 month old take up a lot of time, effort, and energy – not to mention has required us to reconfigure our budget to manage everything. With that in mind, I’ve taken a long look at everything that I had been spending my time and money on – this includes my collection of baseball cards, authentic game used items, and other sports memorabilia. I’ve derived years of joy and thrills from finding and acquiring my collection, going back to my elementary school days. The last few years, prior to getting married and having a child allowed me to indulge in my childhood dreams of building an awesome collection.

Yet, with my wife and son, the personal importance of this collection has lessened a bit. I think now is the perfect time to streamline what I collect, and simplify to just a few of my favorite items and athletes. I’ve decided to continue my quest of acquiring autographs of as many Dodgers as possible, as time allows and as long as the collection doesn’t take time away from my son. I also will stick with memorabilia from only a few key players, including Andre Ethier and Clayton Kershaw. This also means that I’ll be looking to sell most of the remaining memorabilia and will list many of the items here on this blog and on eBay. I figure these items need to be in the hands of collectors and fans who will continue to appreciate them.

Some items that will be up for sale:

– Russell Martin’s 2006 Las Vegas 51s AAA game worn jersey

– Russell Martin’s 2008 Dodgers Home Game Worn Jersey, with 50th Anniversary commemorative patch

– Line-up card from May 5th, 2006 – the Major League debut of Russell Martin, with MLB Authentication

– Jonathan Broxton’s 2003 South Georgia Waves Game Worn and autographed Jersey, with team authentication

– James Loney’s 2006 Dodgers Road Game Worn and autographed Jersey, from his rookie year, with the number #27

– and many other items…

If you are interested in any of these items (to be posted over the next few days and weeks), please contact me. I certainly open to negotiation for a fair transaction for both parties.


This is the only top prospect I’m interested in these days.

Nick Green


Here’s another eBay pick up for less than $2 – a Donruss Studio certified autograph from 2005 of former Dodger Nick Green. Green has had quite the journey in baseball, but after many years of bouncing around, he’s still playing. The card illustrates his travels, as he is in a Braves uniform but his team is listed as Tampa Bay. Green played very briefly for the Dodgers in 2010, and I was lucky enough to get his autograph on a team helmet in spring training on his way out after the last team workout before they left Arizona for an exhibition trip to Taiwan. Nick is still surviving in the game, playing for the Marlins this season.

Jose Cruz, Jr.


I haven’t had as much time to write through-the-mail requests recently – Having a baby will do that. However, I’ve still been able to grow the collection through eBay. I try not to spend more than $2 on each card, and I look almost exclusively for certified releases from the card companies. I’ve been able to find some bargains from the non-major companies to fill in some Dodgers, with many of them from their minor league playing days. A bonus is that since it’s early in their career, many of the signatures are more complete and legible.

This addition is from former outfielder Jose Cruz, Jr., who played in LA in 2005-06, right before the advent of Ethier, Kemp, and Martin. Again, the card depicts him early in his career, so early that he’s in his collegiate uniform for Rice. It’s a good, large autograph and marks a minor collecting milestone as he is my 450th different Dodger in my autograph collection.

Terry Adams


As I mentioned in an earlier post, I’m have a hobby goal of collecting as many autographs from players, coaches, and managers (pretty much the Major League uniformed staff) from the Dodgers through their history.

Today, I received a through the mail request from former pitcher Terry Adams, who played for the Dodgers in 2000-01.

Terry is the 449th Dodger autograph in my collection, which will likely be a lifelong project.

Send me a message if you think you can help me in this pastime. I’m definitely open to trades!



In addition to baseball autographs, I have a very modest collection of author-signed books. It’s nice to think that whoever penned the literary piece of art that you are reading also literally penned their signature to it.

I follow Questlove, an amazing musical genius (also known as the drummer from The Roots), on twitter who back in May tweeted that he’d send out a bookplate to 500 people who preordered his book. Of course I had to get in on that.

Fast forward to July 3rd and the folks at Grand Central Publishing were kind enough to send it over. The cool thing about his autograph is that it is mini self portrait using no letters. One of the most unique signatures I’ve ever seen!


I get to read while my baby naps